Our History

Meet Zee

Remedy Cafe was the brainchild of Sohail “Zee” Zaidi. Zee learned to cook at a very young age, and in his global travels working throughout Asia, Europe and America, he dreamed of cooking.

Zee is a serial entrepreneur, and as he worked, he built businesses. His first stint in North America was as a New York taxi driver, where he brushed with the rich and famous and charmed his way out of robberies. (We advise you ask about his taxi days if you’ve got the time for a hilarious story.) He had bought and ran many other business Stateside, and this primed him for his latest stop across the border.

The First Remedy

Fifteen years ago, he purchased a sandwich cafe on 109 Street and 87 Avenue. Knowing little about how to run a Cafe, he picked it up, asked lots of questions of his customers and started introducing those years of cooking in Pakistan to Edmontonians. Within the first few years, the curries and dishes began taking shape. Lunchtime wraps filled with traditional dishes seemed like the obvious choice for mid-day eaters.

To date, traditional Indian cooks smirk at Remedy Cafe’s takes on some of the more traditional dishes, but the popularity of wraps, dhosas and platters prove just how much people love them.

More to come...

Since then, we have opened four more locations around Edmonton and they’re breaking just as many rules as the first one did. Each new location is delighting their neighbors and bringing healthy food and drink options to Edmontonians.

The chai recipe is making rounds of its own. After six years of serving the city, many restaurants throughout the province have knocked on Zee’s doors to sell it in their establishments. Expect to see Remedy’s chai at other cafes and restaurants throughout Alberta later this year. Thank you everyone for your continued support. Remember – Be Spicy – Drink Chai!