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  • The first time I ordered it, I split the plate with Anika, my teenage daughter.  She sat directly across from me at the table.  This allowed me to see her eyes — crackling with wonder — at the very moment she discovered one of life's greatest, most thrilling, most incandescent joys: The enchanted curry.
    Tyler Enfield
  • Ideal for anyone with gluten and/or lactose intolerance, vegan, etc. Remedy’s ability to cater to an array of dietary restrictions is what I love most! Also, the café is quite economical. The chana masala will fill you up for $8. Of course everything can be made at home for less, but when eating out this is ALWAYS the case. I cannot understand the outrage over pricey tea. Sans doute je reviendrai!
  • I LOVE Remedy. Staff are so friendly and awesome. The place is really chill and laid back and not hoity toity like some other cafes in Edmonton.
  • I love the Remedy on 124th! I live about a 5 minute walk away, and it is always tasty food and good vibes. Thanks for staying open until midnight! The staff are usually chatting though, and it takes a while to get their attention so that I can order my chai, but it is so good I guess I will have to put up with the bad customer service.
    Camille G.
  • Last night was the first time I went to remedy. We ordered the tandoori chicken wrap…this is my new favourite… Life changing!!!!
  • We were at the 124 St location and the selection is overwhelming. With the wrap and samosas is this dip to die for. Expressing this, a gentleman (cook?) brought a little to-go of it for us. I think my hug of appreciation shocked him. I am savoring every drop! PS – what is the dip named?
  • I crave your chai lattes and delicious wraps all the way from Calgary. Please open one here soon
    Karen B.
  • I have always loved Remedy and now as someone whom just cut out meat from their diet, I can’t wait for the Terwillegar location to open!
    Randi J.
  • First visit yesterday – waited way too long to go. Friendly, smiling staff and delicious food in a cool, chilled out atmosphere. Going back today!
  • Best Chai in the city! There are often large line ups, but it is for a good reason – the food is great! Love the Garneau location.
  • Absolutely love The Remedy! But there is one thing I think you guys should try making and selling…is the rainbow bagel! Like for real. I would be down to trying that bagel, I’d go to NYC and give ‘er a try but I lack in the money situation lol.
  • Honestly Remedy is my FAVOURITE cafe on the planet !! love this place! 109 st near whyte is a fantastic one! I live near Terwlligar so i was so excited to go to that one ! Honestly though.. they need to limit babies in there AND change the staff/educate them. They knew nothing about any of the options on the menu and i felt like i was teaching them.. it was awkward… i love remedy but TTowne needs to step it up so i can go more ! Also.. turn down the AC in that place ! … Food is always incredible though ? thanks remedy !!
    Chana Masala

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